Statistics for Marketing & Consumer Research

Mario Mazzocchi  (c) 2008
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  • 750 slides with lecture notes and SPSS screenshots/instructions
  • 3 data-sets for book-based examples & exercises
  • Multiple choice tests
  • SPSS syntax files
  • Errata corrige (forthcoming)
  • FAQ (forthcoming)
  • Forum (forthcoming)


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SPSS Data sets (click on the right button and select "Save as")

Expenditure & Food Survey
Trust data
Multidimensional Scaling example (Chapter 13)

Lecturer Resources

The Lecturer Resources are password protected and only available to lecturers who adopt the text. 

This section contains resources which are available free of charge to lecturers who adopt Statistics for Marketing and Consumer Research. So far the material within the Lecturer Resources section includes: 

Updates and extra material will be made available over time.
To obtain a password to access these resources, please email:

If you have your password, you can download the files from here:

Powerpoint Slides - Lecture notes & SPSS screenshots

Chapter 1 - Measurement, errors & data

Chapter 10 - Factor & Principal Component Analysis

Chapter 2 - Secondary Consumer Data

Chapter 11 - Discriminant Analysis

Chapter 3 - Primary Data Collection

Chapter 12 - Cluster Analysis (REGISTRATION-FREE)

Chapter 4 -  Descriptive statistics  (REGISTRATION-FREE)

Chapter 13 - Multidimensional Scaling

Chapter 5 - Sampling

Chapter 14 - Correspondence Analysis

Chapter 6 - Hypothesis testing

Chapter 15 - Structural Equation Models

Chapter 7 - Analysis of Variance

Chapter 16 - Discrete choice models

Chapter 8 - Correlation & Regression  (REGISTRATION-FREE)

Chapter 17 - Data mining & Bayesian statistics

Chapter 9 - Log-linear and Canonical Correlation Analysis


Multiple Choice Questions

Plain file
With correct answers highlighted

SPSS syntax files (click on the right button and select "Save as")

Chapter 4 Charts
Chapter 4 - Tables
Descriptive statistics
Hypothesis testing
Analysis of Variance
(more forthcoming)

Errata Corrige (forthcoming)

FAQ (forthcoming)

Forum (forthcoming)